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NEWSLETTER – Vol. 46 Jul-Sept 2019


We were thrilled to host international medium Chris Drew CSNU to the CSA on 18 August 2019.  We had a wonderful turn out for this fundraising event with approximately 100 people in attendance.  Chris Drew’s demonstration of mediumship was world class.  

On 15 September 2019, we are delighted to welcome another internationally acclaimed medium to the CSA – Christine Morgan CSNU. Christine is generously fundraising for the CSA and we do hope you will join us for this wonderful event.

Chris Drew


Chris Drew is an internationally recognised tutor of mediumship teaching around the world, including at the Arthur Findlay College in UK, Japan, across Europe and Australia. Chris’s greatest passion is to demonstrate evidential mediumship.

Join Chris as he proves life is eternal and your loved ones only a thought away.

Chris is kindly donating all proceeds in support of the Canberra Spiritualist Association.

Chris will speak and demonstrate ‘proof of survival’ mediumship at the Canberra Spiritualist Association on Sunday the 18th August at our meeting which starts at 2.00 pm. at The Community Hall, Collette Place, Pearce ACT 2607.

Tickets are available for purchase via Eventbrite (links can be found on our Fb page or below):
Tickets will also be available at the door. (Please note we do not have credit card facilities.)



Christine Morgan


Christine comes from a long line of natural mediums with her ability honed through classical training. Christine is a certificate holder in Public Speaking and Demonstrating Evidential Mediumship and is a tutor and course organiser at Arthur Findlay College in the UK. Based in Sydney, Christine run workshops and seminars and teaches mediumship around the world including UK and New Zealand. Christine has been teaching across Australia for over 20 years.
Christine will speak and demonstrate ‘proof of survival’ mediumship at the Canberra Spiritualist Association on Sunday the 15th September at our meeting which starts at 2.00 pm. at The Community Hall, Collette Place, Pearce, ACT 2607.
Tickets are available on Eventbrite and advertised through the CSA Facebook page. Tickets will be available at the door however, we encourage prepurchase (please note we do not have credit card facilities).




Month Date Speaker/ Medium
August 4th Sarah Jeffery AGM
August 18th Chris Drew – Special Presentation
September 1st
September 15th Christine Morgan – Special Presentation
September 29th Keri Cahif


Our annual general meeting will be held at 3.15pm on Sunday, 4th August 2019 after our normal meeting. The new committee will be elected for the year 2019-2020. If you are a current financial member, we remind you that your membership fee is now due and in order to have your say in who administers the business affairs of the Association you will need to be financial. If you have not yet paid your fee renewal you have until 30th September, 2019 to do so. During that period you will be unfinancial and will not have the benefits of a financial member. As at 30th September, 2019 unfinancial members will then be considered to have let their membership lapse and if they wish to renew their membership, as per the Rules of the Association, they will be required to complete a new Application for Membership for approval by the committee.
Attached to this newsletter are the nomination and proxy forms. Please complete as necessary and return to the secretary no later than 18th July, 2019 for the nomination form and 31st July, 2019 for the proxy form.
As you will see from the front page of this newsletter, we have changed our branding. A great deal of time has been spent by Camillie Guest, a graphic designer, designing the logo and re-designing it as the committee came to a consensus as to the one they liked. A big thank you to Camillie for her contribution.
We have now held a few meetings in the small hall and it is working quite well.  We now have a member who is looking after the library and when she has sorted the books out the library will re-open.
In our last newsletter we stated that we do not charge an entry fee into our meetings. However, an exception has been made for 18th August, when we present Chris Drew. This is a fund-raising event for the Association and we would like to thank Chris for taking the time to spend an afternoon with us and with the spirit world. As it is a fund-raiser we are selling tickets for $25 and the details are on the front page of this newsletter.


​The web site has now been completed. Have a look.


Hello Everyone,
This newsletter I want to emphasise the importance of the message of Spiritualism.
It seems to me that today in the general population not only of Australia but also of the world, we have a situation where a large percentage of the population have no belief or understanding of anything of a spiritual nature. Even the orthodox religions and especially Christianity are losing connection with the people. Most people are disillusioned with all orthodoxy because of illogical demands of belief and even the bad way the priesthoods have treated the people who listened to them and believed what they were told.
Yet perhaps more than ever before people need something to understand and rely on in times of need especially. Today many, many older people are living in fear of after this life, of what comes next. When trauma happens in life there no longer seems to be any believable comfort to be had; for expansion of mind there seems to be less and less of believable thought or philosophy that can be relied on.
Well my friends, Spiritualism has the answer to these problems. We do not tell people things and just require illogical and unsubstantiated belief. We do not have a large body of dogma which people must accept without any sense to it and just believe in because we are told to accept and obey. We have a message which is based in love; which is supported with strong provable evidence; which brings people comfort in times of stress and grief when a loved one has passed; which can be accepted because it is based on logic and those provable facts; which can also be accepted because the evidence is supplied by those people in Spirit who loved us and we learned to trust and believe in when they were with us in the physical. We have seven principles but always tell people that they are for guidance and must be understood and translated by them themselves and accepted or rejected according to their own pathway.
What is more is that the proof we gain of the continued existence and life of our loved ones in Spirit bring to us the security of knowing that when in due course we pass to Spirit we shall continue to live, to grow and progress and be with people that we love for just as long as we can imagine. We come to know that we shall learn more and more of love and life as time passes. We shall learn that helping people is the way we can find the true joy of being and be shown ways that we can achieve this.
Through mediumship comes, not only the loving messages but also an understanding of life on which we can rely. The older person previously frightened of dying can now rest at peace knowing that death is not the end but a beginning and that the difficulties of passing lead on to a new life of regained youthfulness and strength and joyful experience.
In the next two months we have the opportunity to witness some of the best mediumship available in the world when we are privileged to have Chris Drew and Christine Morgan coming to demonstrate at our Sunday afternoon meetings. Please come along and enjoy.
God bless and love Norman
At our meeting on Sunday, 30th, our president Norman Ivory announced that he would not be standing for president again and that the treasurer Lynette Ivory would not be standing again. Elayne Strahan, our secretary will not be standing for the position of secretary but will be standing for committee member.
All of these people have given a lot of their time and energy to the Association especially Norman and Lynette and I am sure that you will join me in wishing them well for the future.


Any advertisement that goes into this newsletter must be of a spiritual nature or to do with health and well-being. There is a nominal charge made and this goes towards the CSA funds to cover the costs involved.

If you would like to place an advertisement please contact the Treasurer, Lynette Ivory. Lynette can be contacted on her mobile phone 0408 232 604.

Any advertisement that goes into this newsletter must be of a spiritual nature or to do with health and well-being. There is a nominal charge made and this goes towards the CSA funds to cover the costs involved.

Calling all writers!

If you are good at spiritual poetry or have a small piece of automatic writing that you would like to share, please contact me at [email protected] and it could appear in the next newsletter.

We are also open to publishing any poem, article or thoughts in the newsletter. In fact if you have an article you would like to share we will receive it and publish readily.

If anyone would like to make any suggestions or comments for the next newsletter, please feel free to send a letter or email to:

The Editor
Canberra Spiritualist Association
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Hot off the press.

Have a look at Norman’s new book. Reincarnation – Why and How, gives a theory as to the reasons and processes in the reincarnation of the human spirit. Interesting.

See his interview on Radio America by  following this link 
Norman Ivory with Ric Bratton

Obtain a copy by contacting [email protected] and purchase from them for RRP. $15.95

or go on to Amazon to purchase


Obtain a copy by contacting [email protected]

or go on to Amazon and purchase from them

RRP. $15.95

If you purchase the book from Amazon and enjoy what is has to say it would be nice if you would do a review and post it.