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Frequently asked questions

What is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism is a way of life. It brings proof of the survival of the human consciousness after physical death through evidential mediumship. It has no dogma and no demands on adherence to its philosophy. It combines philosophy, science and religion. It is guided by 7 Principles.

Does the Spiritualist movement have a leader?

No. Spiritualists do not believe in following any “gurus” and – unlike mainstream religions – do not have any “holy writings”, although many books have been written about all aspects of Spiritualism. The philosophy stresses the individuality of spiritual paths and emphasises the importance of personal spiritual experiences.

What is the cost of membership?

Membership is $20 per annum for financial year 20/21. This fee is subject to change.

What benefits do I have being a member?

Being a member gives you access to our extensive library of Spiritualist books; it entitles you to vote at the AGM, and enables you to stand for election to any committee position.  You will also receive our quarterly newsletter keeping you up to date with our events.

What are the goals and visions of the Canberra Spiritualist Association in particular?

Our mission is to bring a modern knowledge of eternal life, encouraging each individual and humanity as a whole, to recognise their highest spiritual potential through embracing Spiritualist principles.

Our Goals are:

To serve those in the spirit world by providing a vessel for communicating with loved ones.

To promote the education and understanding of Spiritualism.

To provide high quality training in evidential mediumship and psychic awareness.

To provide proof of eternal life through evidential mediumship.

To be the organisation of choice for demonstrating mediums.

To uplift those in grief.

To provide the environment to experience the conscious and personal experience of the reality of life after death.

To provide healing through the power of spirit within the context of mediumistic healing.

To create a space for healing through music, inspiration, philosophy and community.

To provide guidance and support.

To inspire individuals to recognise their own spiritual and eternal nature thus encouraging them to truly live.

To build a safe, inclusive and understanding community.

To build a community that both supports the CSA financially and practically.

What makes Spiritualism different to other religions?

Spiritualism is more than a religion. One of the precepts of Spiritualism is that we accept that which is proven. The phenomena of Spiritualism including healing has been validated on many occasions by people of good repute, scientists and researchers; in private seances and in hospitals and in many other controlled situation. Other religions rely on myth, supposition and that which has been dictated by human beings, the information  never having been scientifically proven and relies on belief and faith in the words of proponents of the religion, in many cases those seeking power over others. The core of Spiritualism and the core of other religions are incompatible in as much as Spiritualism has no saviour God; it does not require its followers to believe anything that they cannot accept as a truth and the fact that it encourages people to accept responsibility for their thoughts and deeds. Spiritualist accept that the human soul continues in a very real way and can be communicated with and that any judgement made on their physical life is made by themselves; they accept that their actions will be either rewarded or paid for, depending on whether the intention behind their thoughts and actions were well intentioned or ill intentioned. On the other hand, other religions depend on fear keeping their adherents inline; if you commit sins or are bad you will go to hell; if you sin and are not so bad you will go to purgatory; if you live a life without sin, bad thoughts, or doing anything that hints at being even a little bad you will go to heaven (is this not an afterlife). Exactly what heaven is has never been explained so it is an unknown. Spiritualists, on the other see that there is a life very similar to the life experienced on earth, being with those who are compatible with you but there are few if any challenges that encourage us to grow in all ways.

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Canberra Spiritualist Association is run by volunteers which includes an Executive Committee.  Emails are checked on a weekly basis and we will endeavour to respond to your enquiries in a timely manner.

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