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Spiritualism is a way of life. it brings proof  of the survival of the human consciousness after physical death through evidential mediumship. It has no dogma and no demands on adherence to its philosophy. It combines philosophy, science and religion. It covers a very wide field, and, therefore, you cannot expect to understand it without a certain amount of study. It is a simple philosophy if you do not wish to understand the philosophy associated with it. It is entirely up to you what you wish to do within the concepts of Spiritualism..

No, although the majority of Spiritualists agree on “the seven principles”, each person is free to interpret them according to their own understanding

No. Spiritualists do not believe in following any “gurus” and – unlike mainstream religions – do not have any “holy writings”, although many books have been written about all aspects of Spiritualism. The philosophy stresses the individuality of spiritual paths and emphasises the importance of personal spiritual experiences. What suits one person, may be unsuitable for another. It all depends on the spiritual development of the individual.

No. We are all human beings with our own strengths and weaknesses that are designed to bring to us the challenges we need to unfold our spirituality. As in all religions and philosophies, there are those who do not understand the need to practice love and acceptance of each other and therefore their behaviour is less than kind.

No, just come along, and join in and enjoy. It will help in the service and circle if you are open minded and of a positive feeling and any assistance or information you receive from spirit will be more easily achieved

At this time membership is $15 per annum. This fee is subject to change by the committee as is needed.

Being a member gives you access to our extensive library of Spiritualist books; it entitles you to vote at the AGM, and enables you to stand for election to any committee position.

Our vision is to be a leading Spiritualist organisation serving the wider community by bring the reality of spirit and eternal life through personal experience.

Our Goals are:

To serve those in the spirit world by providing a vessel for  communicating with loved ones.

To promote the education and understanding of Spiritualism.

To provide high quality training in evidential mediumship and psychic awareness.

To provide proof of eternal life through evidential mediumship.

To be the organisation of choice for demonstrating mediums.

To uplift those in grief.

To provide the environment to experience the conscious and personal experience of the reality of life after death.

To provide healing through the power of spirit within the context of mediumistic healing.

To create a space for healing through music, inspiration, meditation and community.

To provide guidance and support.

To inspire individuals to recognise their own spiritual and eternal nature thus encouraging them to truly live.

To build a safe, inclusive and understanding community.

To build a community that both supports the CSA financially and practically.

To create a centre for education.

To purchase/build a CSA premises.

Spiritualism is more than a religion. One of the precepts of Spiritualism is that we accept that which is proven. The phenomena of Spiritualism including healing has been validated on many occasions by people of good repute, scientists and researchers; in private seances and in hospitals and in many other controlled situation. Other religions rely on myth, supposition and that which has been dictated by human beings, the information  never having been scientifically proven and relies on belief and faith in the words of proponents of the religion, in many cases those seeking power over others. The core of Spiritualism and the core of other religions are incompatible in as much as Spiritualism has no saviour God; it does not require its followers to believe anything that they cannot accept as a truth and the fact that it encourages people to accept responsibility for their thoughts and deeds. Spiritualist accept that the human soul continues in a very real way and can be communicated with and that any judgement made on their physical life is made by themselves; they accept that their actions will be either rewarded or paid for, depending on whether the intention behind their thoughts and actions were well intentioned or ill intentioned. On the other hand, other religions depend on fear keeping their adherents inline; if you commit sins or are bad you will go to hell; if you sin and are not so bad you will go to purgatory; if you live a life without sin, bad thoughts, or doing anything that hints at being even a little bad you will go to heaven (is this not an afterlife). Exactly what heaven is has never been explained so it is an unknown. Spiritualists, on the other see that there is a life very similar to the life experienced on earth, being with those who are compatible with you but there are few if any challenges that encourage us to grow in all ways.

No, there are no dead people.People in the Astral world are just as alive as we are but they just do not have a physical body. People are often very anxious to be able to contact loved ones who have passed to spirit and mediums help with this. Always bear in mind that the spirits on the other side of life are people and will chose if they want to make contact or not, they cannot be forced.

Yes. They conduct marriages, naming ceremonies and funerals. In Australia there are a number of spiritualist groupings that are recognised for the purpose of the Marriage Act and the ministers within them are awarded religious marriage celebrants numbers accordingly.

Our meetings are similar to other types of church services. We endeavour to have a different speaker each time, probably the guest medium, who usually gives an inspired talk; we have a healing segment prior to the commencement of the meeting proper. We sing uplifting songs and the medium gives a demonstration of evidence of survival and endeavour to link those on the other side of life with those on this side of life who happen to be at the meeting.

Spirit healing; Spiritual counselling and readings; psychic awareness groups; courses on the development of mediumship; house clearings when a negative or ‘earth bound’ spirit person is causing problems or concern; treatments in cases of possession. 

When a church has a minister he or she will undertake all services possible for the comfort and help to members of the church and any other person who makes enquires.

Spiritualism enables us to choose how we want to live. If we embrace the Seven Principles then we will live our lives in accordance to them, it bring us a great deal of peace and calm in our lives. It gives us a greater understanding of why things happen in our lives and so we take responsibility for these events. It helps us to change our perspective on our life and our relationships. There are, however, a great many people who are needing religious experience but are becoming more and more disillusioned with orthodoxy.   They are still seeking a meaning and purpose to their lives and also, an understanding of God. Spiritualism is the answer. In Spiritualism we do not ask or demand that people should believe dogmatic, unchangeable philosophies just by ‘faith’. We seek to bring evidence of spiritual truth to all enquirers and encourage them to come to their own conclusions and understanding of the reasons and destinations of their lives.

It is true that currently we do not feature this prayer but in fact many Spiritualist churches especially the Christian Spiritualist churches, do include it in their services.The Spiritualist service is lead by a Chair Person and features a talk and demonstration of evidence of survival by a medium. The Chair Person presents the service and its content and how the service is conducted is largely as the Chair Person’s chooses.It is true that there is little dogma in the prayer but it is recognised foremost as a Christian prayer which it is felt is not appropriate in a Spiritualist service. In the prayer ‘heaven’ is referred to twice and there is little understanding of what this signifies; the part which says ‘lead us not into temptation’ is an anathema to thinking people and the concept for God ‘to provide us our daily bread’ in a physical sense surely contradicts why we came here in the first place. Added to these points all in all it is felt by us that a prayer should be sincere, spontaneous and heart-felt and not just repeated, parrot fashion, over and over again with little or no consideration of the meaning and thought behind it.

Whilst the Chair Person leads the service his/her main function is to present the medium and make sure that the medium is safe and comfortable at all times. This is most important if the medium is presenting in a trance state as any disturbance can affect the medium in a physical way.

The official belief of the Spiritualists’ National Union, U.K., is that re-incarnation has not been proven therefore is not part of the Spiritualist philosophy, and spiritual progress is only made in the spirit world. However, many Spiritualists’ do accept that re-incarnation has been sufficiently researched and proven through hypnosis and regressions to be a fact and they see it as being an essential part of the pathway that the human being travels in search of spiritual growth. Certainly in this philosophy, like many others, the researcher’s beliefs will change as time passes and more research is done. Having an open mind is the most precious jewel to have when pursuing answers.

The only danger that may be experienced is due to the fear of people involved when they know nothing about what they are doing. The use of drugs and alcohol can also be conducive to having negative experiences. Those with negative attitudes will attract to themselves negative people from the other side Any communication being made with the spirit world must be done with love and complete confidence in the self, so that all communication will be positive and supporting. It is also wise, when seeking to learn about how to communicate with the spirit world, that you find a teacher that knows what they are doing. No aspect of Spiritualism requires ritual or weird activities, only love, a positive approach and knowledge are necessary.

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