Spirit Healing
Preferably called spirit healing to differentiate it from other 'spiritual' healing modalities like Reiki, Aura Cleansing, Energy Healing, Transformational Healing etc. Spirit healing occurs when a person requests healing from a properly trained healing medium. It does not require prayer or belief. It does not require any hands on techniques; at the most the healer's hands would be placed on the client's shoulders. The healing medium mentally tells the spirit healers on the other side of life what the problems and symptoms are and requests that healing energy be transmitted through them. The healer on the other side of life sends a message to the person in spirit who is most suited to determine the correct energy needed, and anyone there who can help with the healing, to join in. The appropriate energy is then transmitted from spirit through the medium to the client. Healing can be instantaneous or it may require more sessions. It is not necessary to lie down for spirit healing, sitting in a chair is just as good, however, the healing medium needs to be comfortable and if they are more comfortable with the client on a massage table then that is acceptable. Spirit healing is generated to the client for the client to use in accordance with his/her life path. There is no guarantee, as with all other healing and medical modalities, that the healing will work the way that we, on this side of life want it to. The healing medium is a tool for spirit and does not do the healing themselves. No diagnosis, treatment or medications should be given in this healing as it is against the law. It is also not appropriate for a 'reading to be given' at the same time. Spirit healing can be miraculous or it can just give strength and peace to help cope with the client's condition. Spirit healing is also extremely effective given at a distance. Called distant healing it works whether the recipient it aware of the healing or not. At all times, spirit healing should be conducted with a knowledge of how it works and always in a professional manner, taking note of the history of the client and any treatments they have or are receiving for the condition they are seeking healing from. Healing given before, during or after a spiritualist service is not always genuine spirit healing, it is more likely a transference of love and magnetic energy from the person giving the healing to the recipient. Psychic surgery - a modality that is very rare especially in Western countries. The Phillipines and Brazil are most noted for very successful surgery. It is where a medium allows a person from the other side (usually a former doctor) to take control of their body and conduct surgery in to the physical body. Observation of a psychic operation conducted by a genuine medium, will confirm that the procedure is a real operation, not one conducted in the 'aura' or 'energy field' of the person. Reiki and other forms of 'spiritual healing' do not use the skills or talents of those on the other side of life and this is where they differ from spirit healing. Magnetic healing is where the person giving the healing, uses their own magnetic energy to alter the magnetic field of the recipient. This may be very effective for a temporary relief, but healing from spirit - spirit healing, where enlightenment and therefore balance, of the soul is sought, can achieve a more permanent change. The greatest healer of modern times was Harry Edwards. Harry set up a healing sanctuary in Shere, Surrey, UK currently run by Ray Branch and his wife. It is worthwhile reading Harry’s biography. www.harryedwardshealingsanctuary.org.uk Over his long healing career he has records of over a million requests for distant healing and a success rate of over 75%.
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