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Rev Norman Ivory Norman is the President and Minister of the association and is a trance medium with 40 years experience. Services conducted include; marriages as a religious marriage celebrant, infant namings, and funerals Norman is a spirit healer and offers readings in Tarot, Palmistry, and Clairvoyance. Norman and Lynette can on request conduct HOUSE CLEANSINGS to remove negative spirit infestation. If you have footsteps or noises in the house or things being moved around or equipment or taps being turned on mysteriously then an exorcism can be conducted by us. Telephone: 0408 232 604 Email: nlivory@netspace.net.au Lynette Ivory Lynette serves on the committee of the Association and is a clairvoyant medium with 25 years experience. Lynette is an experienced spirit healer, and offers clairvoyant and tarot readings. Lynette and Norman conduct Basic Mediumship Development courses through the Association and also offer Tarot and Palmistry courses both for the Association and outside of the Association. If you are interested please contact us on our mobile phone or on our email address  as above.
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