Do Spiritualists believe in Reincarnation? Reincarnation is the belief that Human beings have more than just one life and the Soul and or Spirit moves from one life to another after physical death. As with nearly all philosophical beliefs Spiritualists all tend to have different ideas and beliefs. However most Spiritualists do tend to believe in reincarnation in one form or another. Perhaps the most widely held view is that after a life on Earth the Astral counterpart, the Soul and the Spirit spend some period which may be a few years or many years in the Astral realms and when an appropriate time comes are incarnated again in an earthly life through being born into a baby once again. The idea being that certain progress spiritually can be made in the Astral realms but for real testing of the metal and therefore progress, earth life with all its trials is required. The early Spiritualists after the mid 1800s when all orthodoxy condemned Spiritualism, in reaction tended to move away from any orthodox beliefs. This included the belief of the Eastern religions in reincarnation and there are still organisations within Spiritualism like the National Spiritualists Union Inc. in UK that refute this belief usually stating that it is unproven. The belief therefore becomes a contentious issue. Traditionally the Spiritualist view was that after passing from Earth life the Spirit gravitated to the appropriate level in the Spirit realms dependent on the Spirit's spiritual character and would spend time there first acclimatising and then making spiritual progress at its own rate. After some time progress would have been made and the Spirit would naturally gravitate 'upwards' into a higher more spiritual and finer level and that this process would continue level by level 'upwards' towards the Godhead. Today this view is held less and less and spiritual progress is seen as being universally available in any stage of life and that the chances are that for more progress to be made more lives are desirable. The actual techniques involved in the transition from Earth life to Spirit life and visa versa are not so well conceived. It seems easy to think of the Soul and Spirit leaving the dying physical body and moving into the realms of Spirit but how the Spirit moves from its level of Spiritual existence into an Earth life seems much more obscure. From investigation with hypnotic type procedures it does seem very well proven that reincarnation is a fact and regression into previous experiences of lives, done with care, is a fascinating and very rewarding experience. At the same time it does clearly appear that experiences from one life to another are often strongly related with recognition of situations and even people from previous lives being frequent and of great significance in understanding what happens in the present life. There have been experiences and events in a person's previous life, completely unrecorded and unknown to the person that have been revealed in regressions and have been proved to be according to true past identities, places lived in and situations. Of course this is another area where a person investigating must read and research and make his/her own mind up. However in this philosophy like many others the researcher's beliefs will change as time and more research progresses. An open mind is perhaps the most precious of jewels to be pursued.
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