Spiritualism is a way of life. It combines philosophy, science and religion. It covers a very wide field, and, therefore, you cannot expect to understand it without a certain amount of study.
No, although the majority of Spiritualists agree on "the seven principles", each person is free to construe them according to their own understanding.
No. Spiritualists do not believe in following any "gurus" and - unlike mainstream religions - do not have any "holy writings", although many books have been written about all aspects of spiritualism. The philosophy stresses the individuality of spiritual paths and emphasises the importance of personal spiritual experiences. What suits one person, may be unsuitable for another. It all depends on the spiritual development of the individual.
No. Spiritualists can be just as spiritually developed or undeveloped as any other people. Psychic ability and awareness are not necessarily dependent on spiritual development.
No, there are no dead, people in the Astral world are just as alive as are we but just do not have a physical body. People are often very anxious to be able to contact loved ones who have passed to spirit and mediums help with this. Always bear in mind that the spirits on the other side of life are people and will chose if they want to make contact or not, they cannot be forced.
Yes. They conduct marriages, naming ceremonies and funerals. In Australia there are a number of spiritualist groupings that are recognised for the purpose of the marriage act and the ministers within them are awarded religious marriage celebrants numbers accordingly.
Our meetings are similar to other types of church services. We endeavour to have a different speaker each time, probably the guest medium, who usually gives an inspired talk; we have a healing segment prior to the commencement of the meeting proper. We sing uplifting songs and the medium gives a demonstration of evidence of survival and endeavour to link those on the other side of life to those on this side of life who happen to be at the meeting.
Spirit healing; Spiritual counselling and readings, psychic awareness groups; Courses on the development of Mediumship; House clearings when a negative or 'earth bound' spirit person is causing problems or concern; treatments in cases of possession. When a church has a minister he or she will undertake all services possible for the comfort and help to members of the church and any other person who enquires.