A 10 week course the cost for this course is $150.
You need to be willing to share your dreams with others and must be aware that sometime our dreams are about very personal experiences. If you feel that you have had experiences that you do not wish to share with others then this is not a course for you. However, in saying that, sometimes we need to bring negative expriences to our conscious mind in order to take action to rectify the effects caused by these experiences.

Our sub-conscious mind continually talks to us about what is going on in our lives and what we need to look and and heal. The trouble is that we don't speak the same language and so therefore don't understand what it is telling us.
Interestingly, although we consider nightmares to be bad, they are actually more important to us than a non-frightening dream.

This course helps in the understanding of the language of the sub-conscious mind and therefore helping in the understanding of what it is saying and asking us to fix.

The language used by the sub-conscious is the arcane language of symbology and when we understand that we understand a lot more than our dreams, it helps in the understanding of the visions we have in meditation.