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Spiritualism is recognized as a religion and although Australia recognizes no religions on an official basis Spiritualism with several religious denominations is recognized for the purposes of the Marriage Act. The Rev Norman Ivory the Minister at the CSA is a religious celebrant for the conducting of Marriages, Namings and Funerals.
We   welcome   all   members   of   the   community   to   Spiritualism   whether   you are a member of Canberra Spiritualists or not.
The   purpose   of   Spiritualism   is   to   bring   comfort   to   those   grieving   for   their loved   ones   who   have   passed   to   Spirit   and   to   encourage   all   people   to develop their spiritual and psychic abilities.
We   hold   Spiritualist   meetings   at   2pm   on   the   1st,   3rd   and   5th   Sundays   of the    month    where    the    speaker/medium    gives    an    inspired    talk    and demonstrates   'evidence   of   survival'   by   linking   people   at   the   meeting   with loved ones who are in Spirit.
Come   along   to   our   meetings   and   it   is   possible   that   one   of   your   loved   ones, who has passed on, will communicate to you their continued existence.
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